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      CFHI awarded the supply contract of reactor pressure vessels of Zhangzhou nuclear power project

      發布時間:2014年10月16日 瀏覽次數:

        Recently, for the bid of equipment procurement of Fujian Zhangzhou nuclear power project, our company awarded the supply contract of reactor pressure vessels of plant 1# & 2#. Later in september, the contract signing ceremony was held in Harbin. Wang Baozhong, vice-president of our company, and the leaders concerned of Nuclear Power Institute of China, Zhang Zhou Energy Co.Ltd, and Harbin Electric Corporation and so on attended the contract signing ceremony.

        It is understood that the delivery of the two reactor pressure vessels manufactured by our company will be in 2018. Before the signing ceremony, CFHI already communicated with the Owner "China National Nuclear Power Zhang Zhou Energy Co.Ltd" and with the Designer "Nuclear Power Institute of China" about the related matters of equipments supply contract.